Eilean Donan Castle in Highland Scotland, from Book 3 of ‘The Heartstone Odyssey’

Heartstone operates from its offices in Dingwall, in the heart of Highland Scotland and also the ancient capital of the Vikings when they arrived in Britain many centuries ago. This is the co-ordinating centre for the whole organisation from which all partnerships are formed both for photostory assignment access and for all the routes through which Heartstone stories reach a mass population.

New partnerships are being created all the time as organisations and individuals contact Heartstone with another story which they feel needs to be told to add to the ever-growing library of ‘Chandra Consulting Stories’. Similarly, new areas who would like to host a Heartstone exhibition, event, performance, installation or education project, get in touch.
You can find out more about our range of assignment partners and project partners to date by clicking on the drop down menu here or click on the links below:
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