The concept of presenting Heartstone photostories as installations on stations began with a pilot project featuring the story ‘Chandra’s London’ on Whitechapel Station and in 2016 was expanded to cover several stations on the London Underground network in partnership with Transport for London and DLR. This is an ongoing expanding programme and is providing an effective route through which to take Heartstone stories to a mass population.

Chandra’s London on the London Underground

This is one of Heartstone’s earliest photostories and is a documentary of the life of the city. Much is unplanned street photography, some work is based on special access. The title is taken from Chandra, the heroine of  ‘The Heartstone Odyssey’, a young woman whose experiences of London span the full range from great joy to real lows, just like life and the city itself.

The story began in the 1980’s and has been ongoing since that time. This means the exhibition has become a historical as well as current day record of the city and how it has changed over a period of 30 years.

The initiative is produced in collaboration and with the assistance of many partners who have extended an invitation to Heartstone to ‘tell their story’ through the visual medium. This includes for example, the Metropolitan Police Service through the Public Order Branch and other departments, Horse Guards, Notting Hill Carnival, Carnaval del Pueblo, Transport for London and many of the different communities resident in London.

Whilst the ultimate goal of building bridges between people and organisations, between cultures and communities, between different age groups and experiences runs through all Heartstone’s work there is a great range in the intentions and primary focus of different programmes. The installation programme with TFL and DLR features staff at and the communities surrounding specific stations. This includes Whitechapel Station, Hammersmith Station and Cutty Sark Station and expanding to new stations over 2017.

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