Exhibition events

Heartstone stories are presented through exhibition events ranging in scale and in locations such as the Royal Festival Hall in London, Whitehall, the European Parliament in Brussels, Liverpool Cathedral, the Edinburgh City Arts Centre, under Concorde and many other venues .

Each exhibition event provides a mechanism through which our audience can be taken into a world they have little or no contact with, to build greater understanding and empathy, to see the commonality of human experience and to see what may be a familiar story with new eyes. When the story featured is a Heartstone photodocumentary, we include presenters who are often those featured in the images to bring the story ‘to life’. Heartstone exhibition events are designed to reach the general public and audiences of all ages and have a further role. They provide a practical mechanism through which to bring together people who would otherwise never meet, across nationalities, cultures, faiths, races and backgrounds to discover they have more in common than they might think.

Whenever possible, each event includes dancers and storytellers to provide another route to explore and understand the story as told through the images. These performances are led by Sitakumari and the dancers of Heartstone’s Moving Lives Dance Theatre. 

You can see images from our recent exhibition events on the Home Page. Below are a few of the most memorable events since Heartstone came into existence in 1990.

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