On assignment photo gallery

All Heartstone photostories are produced by photographer, Nick Sidle who has secured a worldwide reputation for his images, both for their exceptional quality as well as his creative approach. You can see images from some of the many subjects featured over the years by clicking on the links below taking you to the Flickr site which carries collections connected to the main themes he has covered.

The photo documentary coverage is the second arm of story input into Heartstone’s programme. Nick does not stage or manipulate images and there is a firm policy of no cropping or changing images after they have been produced. The intention is always to capture a true ‘moment of time’ that really happened. It is this policy which has led to invitations to Heartstone since the organisation began for special ‘behind the scenes’ access from a wide range of partners across the world, many of whom would not otherwise allow coverage in this way, and at historic events and periods.

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