Nataraja Temple in Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, South India, from Book 2 of ‘The Heartstone Odyssey’

Alongside the book, the real life photodocumentary stories involve a wide range of social and environmental global partners who extend invitations to Heartstone to ‘tell their story’ often through special ‘behind the scenes’ access. All these stories are presented under the title ‘Chandra Consulting Stories’ which takes its name from Chandra, the heroine of The Heartstone Odyssey and what she will become at the end of Book 3.

You can see a few examples of photostories we have covered to date here and images from them online through Heartstone photographer Nick Sidle’s Flickr site, which you can access by clicking on the images at the bottom of each page of this site.
All Heartstone stories are presented through exhibition events, installations and performances.
The books are published by Allied Mouse Ltd.
Stonekeeper Ltd. handles the Film/TV and transmedia development of the stories.
Heartstone also runs an education project which has two arms:
2. to empower girls and young women
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